We examine every aspect related to the sale and purchase of properties so that you can purchase the desired property without any problem at all.

Advice services for the sale and purchase of properties

We check thoughtfully the records of the Property Land Registry, the Cadastre, and the city council to ensure that there are no urban infractions, as well as the Energy Performance Certificate and the availability of the Certificate of Occupancy. Additionally, we ensure compliance with the obligations of the seller (payment of taxes and fees) up to the date of delivery of the property, and we verify that the supplies (water, electricity, gas…etc) are in order.

  • Promise purchase contracts: draft of purchase contracts previous to the purchase of the property.
  • Call option contacts: draft of call option contracts checking thoughtfully any required aspect to ensure the property transaction.
  • Sale and purchase contracts: draft of the contract and assistance on any legal and tax aspect.
  • Deed of sale: Draft and assistance on the signing of the deed of sale before a notary public.
  • Property mortgage: in the event you need a mortgage loan to buy a property, our financial accounting department will help you to find the required tailor-made credit facilities.
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